Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for you!

We do our best to inform our customers as much as possible when it comes to computers, new or old.  ​If you research general computer repair pricing, you'll find that our prices beat the majority of local alternatives, our work exceeds the expectations of our customers and our guarantees will keep you satisfied.

Please enjoy our FAQ and feel free to contact us if you have a question to add.


Q: Are all online remote services fraudulent?

A:  99.9% of them are fraudulent, yes.  The usually foreign, remote-based companies will give you no permanent repairs or guarantees as well as they will over-charge you every time.  We at Morris PC Solutions use a free program that we can extend to our customers to remote in and fix PC issues over the internet, while talking to us on the phone, in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.  There are sometimes limitations to what can be fixed in a remote session and we will be honest and inform you of all options. 

Q: My computer is running slow, what should I do?

A:  A slow PC can be that way for a multitude of reasons, hardware or software.  If the PC is more than five-years-old then it could be a hardware issue and our diagnostics testing could identify the problem or verify your computer's time is up and we can offer you options at that point.  If your computer has no hardware problems, then the software can be fixed & improved.  New PC's tend to be slow from the plethora of unnecessary programs they come with or it could be slowed from viruses.  Whether it's hardware or software, there are several options to consider based on age and price which we are happy to advise in full detail based on each situation.

Q: My computer is acting up, should I do a System Restore or Factory Reset?

A:  Oh my no.  Contrary to common belief, doing a system restore will more than likely not erase the problem and instead make it more difficult to eradicate, and thus, more costly.  A factory restore/reset will completely erase everything on the hard drive and reset it to "factory settings", as if you just pulled it out of the box.  If you plan to "factory reset" the computer, be sure to have your files backed up first.  If your computer is in bad enough condition to consider one of these options, much like a medical physician:  let us assess the symptoms to provide you with options.

​Q: How often should I have my computer checked?

A:  The frequency of checkups depends on the computer's physical condition and the total number of users.  The more people that use a computer:  the more likely it is to become slowed down or infected.  With more than two users on a PC, our recommendation would be to have it checked and cleaned every six months.  If it is just one user and a relatively new PC, then one check-up a year at most would be appropriate.  At MPCS, we discount cleanings up to 50% for repeat customers indefinitely.


Q: My computer is making noise, what should I do?

A:  There are quite a few different noises a PC can make, either laptop or desktop, that could indicate minor issues or serious problems.  First and foremost, if you can hear significantly loud noises then please consider bringing your PC in for testing/cleaning, repair, or even data backup/transfer before it's too late!  

Typically noises commonly come from fans covered with dust and can be cleaned.   Using a can of compressed air is the easiest way to clean the computer yourself, although it may not help and the PC may require more detailed cleaning or testing.  If you decide to try cleaning the PC yourself, please be sure to use compressed air devices properly as they can cause physical damage if used incorrectly.  If these methods don't help, give us a call or come by with your PC so we can identify and resolve the source.

Q: I'm looking to replace my old computer, what should I get?

A:  We could suggest brands to buy or avoid, but we would hate to play favorites or slander.  Honestly, it's the parts inside that make the biggest difference.  Prices vary greatly depending where you shop, but there are always deals to be had.  The phrase 'you get what you pay for' is quite true when it comes to computers.  Aside from finding a proper new machine, you may want the new computer set up and/or have data that needs to be transferred or backed up which we can certainly achieve for you.  Buying a new PC can be a challenge, but we're happy to find you the exact computer you want for a price you'll find pleasing, whether you want to buy it yourself or if you would like us to order and set one up for you.

Q: How much should I spend on a new computer?

A:  The idea to keep in mind that we have suggested to customers over the years is this:  consider that you are paying at least $100 per year for the computer, whether laptop or desktop.  If you get a cheap PC for $200 - 300, it will probably only last you two to three years, if you spend $500 - 800 then you will likely get five to eight years with it, if not more.  Consider the parts inside the computer and shop wisely.  Many places online will sell the same PC for very different prices.  If you are in the market for a new or high-quality refurbished computer, contact us anytime!


Q: Apple or Microsoft?

A:  If you are involved with graphics or music editing, then there is no better computer than a Mac.  Positive factors are Macs cannot get typical PC viruses, (other than annoying applications that generate pop-ups) and they are built with a generally simpler-to-use operating system for those willing to spend for simplicity.  The cons are that you lose particular controls and Windows-specific features:  you might not be able to use certain programs or games you use now.  On a side note, you will be paying significantly more for an Apple PC vs. Windows PC, up to 4x more.  In the end, it depends on your preferences.

Q: I want to build a gaming computer...

A:  A guaranteed, best-bang-for-your-buck build costs anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000.  If you are interested in having a custom PC built, please contact us.

Q: I keep getting pop-ups on my screen, what can I do?

A:  Many programs (specifically downloaded programs) have been secretly carrying unwanted programs and viruses on your computer.  Unfortunately, there are many different hiding places to check as well as many different methods for exterminating those pests.  Our services are specialized for these kinds of issues and we can guarantee complete satisfaction, now and later.

Q: What do I need for internet protection/security?

A:  One antivirus program is all that is truly necessary.  Having more than one can cause the two programs to conflict and so neither will work.  There is no perfect anti-virus program, whether its free or paid for.  Many users will swear by one program or another, but we definitely recommend having at least one program to monitor your PC all the time.  We offer our customers a highly-rated free antivirus, who are in need of one or wanting a change from their current, not so helpful, expensive, antivirus.​

Q: When should I think about upgrading my computer?

A:  Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista.  if you have a computer with Windows XP or Vista, it may still function for some time if properly configured, but it is running on borrowed time.  Upgrading PC's require hardware capable of upgrading, which usually branches in 5-year increments.  If you're computer is unable to be upgraded, it would be wise to save your data from the drive as soon as possible and consider a replacement, contact us anytime for assistance!

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