Diagnostic Testing - $20

Physical testing of a computer system with brand-specific tests to identify any potential problems.

Password Reset - $50

Removing a Windows password from an account.

Data Transfer - $50

Moving and/or copying data from one computer-related device to another.

Tuneup - $80

Maximizing computer performance, removing unnecessary software, configuring web browsers, repairing software including Windows errors, performing updates and many more steps to speed up any PC.

Virus Removal - $120

Complete removal of any virus/malware infectious software, pop-ups, etc.  Includes full Tuneup service.

Windows Install / Setup - $120

Complete installation and/or setup of any Windows-based PC.  Includes Virus Removal and Tuneup services.  Also includes additional software such as free antivirus and remote service.  Apple prices may vary depending on unit.

Additional services include

Laptop screen replacement

Hard drive replacement

Data recovery

Remote (over-the-phone) service

E-waste recycling

At-home appointments

Tutoring appointments

New & Refurbished sales

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